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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Is anyone there?


just wondering if anyone is still reading this.

If you are, hit  me up.
Just lot going on lately,
with me graduating again, student visa expiring, rushing to get a new visa to now trying to get a job.


Pretty sure any freshie graduate will understand the feels yeah?

till then,


Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014


I'm somewhat back.

Teehee, Happy New Year everyone,

How was your Christmas celebration and NYE celebration?

Was it good? was it fun,

well, if you actually check out my instagram, you would see that I've been cherry picking, made a gingerbread house and blackforest cake.

Just a little lazy to transport everything over. Haha.

I have a good break, too good , that I accidentally missed my first day today.

No more, tomorrow, I will back to work , but hey at least I did some work, so using work from home as an excuse :X

On a side note, I've join Dayre.

With all the hype, I thought, why not,
though, I have not posted anything, that's just how boring my life is.. nothing much to update it on.

Till then.

My thoughts are jumbled up.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Of Malaysian food.. and not

This post is long overdue. Have you ever depended on your phone or technology too much? I think I was suppose to post this 2 weeks ago at least, but my pictures refused to be uploaded from my phone, and then came to a point where my household exceeded our monthly quota, sooo, I have to stop using anything internet related for a while, except for my phone, felt deprived. This is bad. Anyway, let the photo sort off do the talking here.
I always miss home food so much, and whenever the opportunity comes ( and ingredient availability) I would think of any types of kuih/ Malaysian delicacies that I can make.  This is my version of Sago Kuih, fairly easy and acheivable. The first night, it has a real soft texture, but overnight, I guess the moisture is absorbed? It had more of a chewy texture which ended up great with the dessicated coconut :) 

We then had a lot of egg whites left , because we were making currypuff? So we decided to make an impromtu chocolate souffle, and oh boy, it was so bitter! well, it was partly our fault for adding dark chocolate this and that, even the cocoa powder, HAHA.
I couldn't eat it without wincing each time, and I can eat bitter gourd! However, this proves to be the type of bitter which you can't make yourself swallow. Had to eat with ice cream the second time around. hahaha.

I then attempted to make Tako Kuih? I think this is what it's called, managed to get canned water chesnut and spend the afternoon making the casing, which surprisingly was easy! Though, I am no skilled master in kuih, as you can see all of the kuih are of different shapes and sizes. I've always had cravings for this whenever I'm here in Australia, and I've always thought it was difficult and I couldn't find the water chesnut. Turns out, it was just infront of my eyes all along.Not bad for first attempt, but I would like it to have more
resistance. wonder when can I return home and eat this. :)

I think it was 3 weeks ago, Friday, went and watch THOR at Norwood/ North Adelaide ( I always get confused with these 2 places. I have no idea why >_< )
It was good overall, considering that I did not watch the first part.

After the movie, had dinner @NORDBURGER
opened by the runner up of MasterChef Australia 2011, Micheal. Gotta say, it was awesome! :) Had the mushroom burger and double bacon, as well as peanut butter and jelly milkshake.
Overall loved the burger and fries, but still prefer salted caramel milkshake rather PB& J milkshake. 

Mushroom burger

Beef and double bacon burger

Here's my OOTN, Don't remember where I got the dress from, but I think it is from Time Square. 
Had short hair and never tried curling it, because I didnt know how it would turn out. So I took an adventerous streak and tried it out. It looks a little wierd, and I have to tweak it from time to time.

It was a warm night, and I do not own a lightweight cardigan, so I just took this sheer button up shirt as my cardy. I think it looks nice, what do you think? Very monochrome with a splash of my brown Carlo Rino handbag. 

First time in my whole life actually carving a pumpking for halloween.  NO, incase you're wondering, I do not really celebrate halloween, neither do the people here. Only in selected suburbs I guess, because I asked my fellow Aussie friends and they say that it's just partying. Say what? Sad.
Overall, it was a good experience, getting a mini pumpkin and carved three ways! Creative wouldn't you say? :)
Learn how to crochet a mini pumpkin for halloween festive. haha, It looks cute, though I could have done a better job. Oh well. 

Till next time guys, and sorry for the delay :)

Take care and have a great week


Friday, 1 November 2013

Cheesefest 2013

Attended CHEESEFEST 2013 at Rymill Park last saturday, 26th OCT.
Silly us didn't know that it wasn't a free event, and it costs 15 aud to enter. We paid anyway, since we have never attended such event before. So off we went , taking our wine glasses and lining up for free cheese and wine tasting.

Only manage to took a few pictures as I forgot my camera. I did not expect this event to be so huge! look at the amount of people ! you get to taste variety of cheese and not to forget, wine tasting!
how awesome is that?
Once you enter, there will be people handing out wine glasses and offering sunblock, since it was a hot day and they do not want you to get skin cancer. How considerate.

Passed by this tent, where they had a tiny train carrying all types of cheese. How cool is that? Acting as a conveyer belt and boy was I fascinated. I think you had to pay to actually eat these cheese. I did not stay to try because their next session was filled. 

headed to the fondue booth where they displayed different fondue set, and ranging back to the late 60's ! How awesome is that? by the way, those are real fruits you're looking at.
Manage to take a picture of this cheese, fused with herbs and flower, it's called Monet. I think it's made of goats cheese, but I may be wrong :). It looks pretty and tastes good as well :)
There were some stalls selling snacks and food for those who gets bored of cheese and really wants to fill their tummy up. Manage to take a glimpse of these petite yet classy looking tarts. I didn't get it as it seems really expensive. it the size of my palm and it costs 8 aud for one? Killer.
Headed home after 3 hours? I've tried cow, goats,sheeps and even buffalo cheese. Gotta say, huge difference is noted. Some taste good and some are so-so in my opinion. The vintage cheddar served was too much for me to bear, and I am a cheese lover! I'm able to eat most of the blue cheese but boy this vintage cheddar has that real vintage and bitterness to it, after popping 2 sweets into my mouth, the taste lingers. Shivers .
Saw this custom made car as we were heading home. HOW COOL IS THAT? bet he still had to pay for his car rego and insurance. 

Saw this on the way back, such a cutie! cannot resist leaving without a picture or two. 

Headed home feeling gassy and bloated. For once, I had to surrender and say I had too much CHEESE. however, it did satisfy a cheese lover like me ! :)

Baked apple cheesecake crumble that night. HAHA, I know I know, just couldn't resist the irony of it. 

That's it for now!

Stay healthy and happy :)



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Saying goodbye to my long locks

Went to cut my hair 2 weekends ago.. 

First time in 10 years cutting my hair this short.. Quite nervous yet excited at the same time.. 
Manage to book a slot at the Chinatown hair dresser , liebe 
Took me 40 minutes to get it done . 
Before the hair cut
Look how long my hair has grown throughout the year !
Promised myself to make a change after graduation . :) 
Graduation day. :) still in love with the dress even looking at it ! <3

After pictures : chop chop chop 

Some people say it's not that short but for me it is really short compared to all of my other haircuts . 

Many say I look much younger and cuter. 
So that means I looked mature and sexier in long hair ? 
I have no idea.  

But for me , I somewhat prefer long hair.
There is so much maintenance for short hair , mainly blow drying and combing it and styling it properly . Worried about the state of my hair >< 

Just a short update. What's your verdict ? :)

Have a great week ahead ! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Back to blogging

You know sometimes I have the feeling to blog but I have no idea what to blog about. I have loads of backdated stuff :/ so if you don't mind, I'll post them .

The dress is from
They have really cool clothes selection,
I choose this infinity dress in burgundy . 
Shipping fees internationally is slightly expensive . Had to get my mum to bring it over from Malaysia instead of shipping it straight to Aussie . 
The quality is superb nonetheless and mum said the dress arrived really quick, so kudos for quick shipping as well. 
Wore this dress for dinner date with :) last Friday after handing in my literature review .. Headed to Table ; that's the restaurants name ! No kidding .
Paired it with black heels and ready to roll ! :) 
Just some selfies from the night 
Here's the OOTN
Would post pictures of the food we had but lighting was really bad.. Quality ended up crappy . But the food was good ! Real good even if it's slightly pricy. Okay.. Quite pricy .
Headed to dessert at St.louis at Chinatown  after
Had something called oh la la from the  menu.

Just chocolate brownies, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate milkshake. 
Love the concept of using small milk bottles and the plating of it .
Food was only so-so. 
Loved the ice cream! Had the salted caramel twice ! And still good . 

Incase you're wondering .. 
Table co. is along Wakefield st and pulteney.
St. Louis is located at gouger st. 

Till then, 

Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy New Year

Resolutions? Expectations?

There is just so much to say.

What happened in 2012?


What's my 2013 resolutions?


What's my future, with one more semester to go?

I'm sorry I've left for quite some time..

It's weird, blogging used to be the bomb, what everyone was having, but slowly, people started leaving the blogosphere and moved on to facebook, twitter, instagram.. and soon google+

so much has passed and gone,

hopefully, I'll be back soon,

Happy New Year.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


With a week left to study. wait, scratch that, less than a week to study,
I have not started studying yet.

oh brother.

#studyallthepaper !!!

wish me luck.